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In this season I see God raising up a culture in pursuit of the Supernatural. A culture in pursuit. The supernatural anointing is an advancing anointing but it requires those who practice the presence of God. We are legal heirs of the Kingdom of Heaven. The spirit of the Lord gives us skill and ability to rule this earth. Does your heart burn to be famous in heaven and known for shaking the gates of hell? Kingdom consciousness has no tolerance for the destructive behavior of kings and nobles. In psalms 149:8 we are told to bind the kings with chains and their nobles with fetters of iron. In Acts 3:25 it says we are sons of the prophets it is a time to rise up prophecy and receive our inheritance, and be supernatural. We can no longer be satisfied with illustrated sermons, great music or friendly services. We have been called to see the power of darkness destroyed over our families, cities, and churches. God mandated us to demonstrate His raw superior power to the world around us. But I sense a great distance between what should be and what will be. You are the missing link! There’s an upward call stirring in the hearts of the remnant who refuse to expect anything less but great exploits done in the name of Jesus. You are the latter house of glory whatever you appreciate, is appreciated!

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Encouraging Words

Shake It Off!

A word to you for this season… it is time to SHAKE THIS SEASON OFF of you!